Thursday, May 6, 2010

Death/Sex Printmaking Project

The concept of what makes me feel uncomfortable to look at or think about made me really think for a while. As a fisherman, I think one of my biggest fears is if the boat rolls over and I get trapped, having to swim up to the hull for that last breath of air makes me squirm just thinking about it, I think that would be my worst fear. So I decided to do a drawing/print on that concept. Each year, at least one person from each port around the United States doesn't come back and that's a sad thing to think about. Being in Alaska, we have a lot of boats that go down and thier stories always make front page in newspapers. So I wanted to run with that concept, have a picture of someone trapped and drowning with a news article, something that if someone read it, that it would hit home as if it really happened. I wasn't crazy with how the prints came out, but I did touch up the picture of the boat at the top right, I felt that needed to stand out, the rest I was ok with leaving old looking and what not. I really like how everything was overlapped as if someone was digging up all of the informationon the accident to bring back the memory. I find myself doing that sometimes with a friend of mine who passed away and I alwayslook to find the news article on it, so in many ways this piece was personal for me. I am pleased with how it came out, it was a fun step away from a complete hands on drawing.

Cup Creation/Kitsch Drawing

When I seen the cups wrapped up on the table in class, I must admit I was pretty nervous to see what was in them but also excited. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to create a drawing with randomdark objects in this cup along with making it Kitschy. Once I seen that there was a fortune telling card in there, the rest of the drawing just came together on it's own. The card had a perfect setting on it to set the scene, a big house in the old country with a fence and trimmed shrubbery surrounding it. There was also a girl designed on the back of the card so I took the clothing that the girl was wearing and put it on my girl in the drawing, I kind of hid the rest of the objects in the drawing, but you didn't have to look to hard to find them. My biggest obstacle was trying to use all of these different medias to correspond with each other. So I used the strategy of putting all of my pastels on top of the ink and it layered perfectly and it came out well. I was really happy with the way it turned out, the drawing design wasn't as challenging as i thought it would be, it was more so that the materials and mediums I had to combined to make it all work.

Geek Drawing

I was really excited when it came time to do the Geek drawing. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this drawing, considering my world revolves around them. I started watching the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" and to me that is as geek as it gets. Scientists wo spend all their time on the computers playing games or on the XBOX 360 playing HALO 3, it was exactly what had my attention. Me and my housemates resemble everything that the show brings fourth minus the scientists aspect so this drawing was and close and personal to me in a funny way. I just had a great time creating it. I think it came out great, this was a pice with not many middle ground balues so I was a little worried about that part but it came out great. Doing the equations with the white ink that took up a lot of the back ground was something I felt had to be on their, only geeks would knwo what the equations mean so the whole piece just screams geek, it was just fun all around.

Comic Panel Drawing

This Drawing proved rather difficult for me. I really had to get inside my own head and zone everything out to do this drawing. So I decided to first draw my living room and sectioned it off. At this point I just started creating little worlds inside each sectioned off quadrant. At the time the Olympics was going on, so I was thinking about that and incorporated it into the middle section. As for the rest of the drawing I thought about ciyscapes or snything inconographic, things that would humor people. So at that point the UPS boxes idea and the Mac. batman signal came to me right away. Then the smaller stuff such as star wars themed ships and simple disigns like musical notes and such came. Overall I think it was a successful drawing, it really made me think outside the box but it was a good genre to push how I thought about the process of doing a drawing. I'm used to going with ideas already on paper and this drawing I just went with the flow, I drew things based on what I could make out of the living room setting itself.

Steampunk Drawing

For my punk drawing, I decided to go with steampunk. I think the steampunk genre speaks to me more in what I'm involved in today than the other punk genre's. When I researched this drawing, I found a lot of the old school circular wlding goggles so I decided to run with that idea. In most of my work I try to give the viewer a different perspective on the subject matter so i decided to put the viewer in the welding goggles. With this concept I really had to think about how the viewer would be able to see with these on, such as thinking about blind spots, peripherals, etc. Instead of having two seperate circles, I combined the two to make up for the blind spot. I also had to think about rivets in the metal like where bolts would go to tack on strips of metal. For that I decided to put simple strips of riveted metal around the sides to fram it in a sense. The rest of the subject matter in the goggles such as the welding torch, hand and gloves and the surroundings just all came together. i was really happy with this piece, I've been getting into welding and this was something I could really relate to, the idea of moving forward in the world and trying new things.

Graffiti Drawing

For this drawing I thought of everything that I thought was graffiti, something simple and street. When I think of graffiti, I always see some words or images spray painted on a brick wall so I went with that idea. I decided to use the brick wall idea as the back ground for the piece and I think it really did the drawing justice. I really wanted to challenge myself by drawing something that I don't usually draw and a skeleton or skull was the first thing that came to mind. For the wording, I thought about how this was my chance to show people what I can draw with materials that I'm not comfortable with and difficult subjects, being that I've never drawn with ink or drawn skeletons before, so I came up with the phrase our time. I think it's simple, short, and to the point. Overall I'm very happy with how the piece came out, the middle values came out better than i had expected so I think that this was a breat starting piece.